Employee engagement is one of the first things that decreases in an office setting. Improving employee engagement starts at the top and works its way down to the employees. Once the leadership team has bought into increasing engagement, a plan needs to be put into place. The following are a few of the places to start when it comes time to increase employee engagement in your office. 

Appreciate Them

A well-done job should always warrant appreciation. An employee needs to feel like their work matters, and direct leadership and management can easily make that happen. Whether it is a personal note, a shout out during a team meeting, or recognition in the middle of the day, letting an employee know that you are proud of their accomplishments goes a long way. Any employee wants to know that what they are doing is what makes the organization successful!

Give Them a Voice

Employees need to feel like they are being heard and that the opinions they are sharing are valuable to the organization. The second an employee’s idea or suggestion is shot down, or they feel like someone isn’t listening, they’ll stop using their voice for the right things. A disgruntled employee who feels like they don’t have a say is someone who can make a work environment toxic. 

Update Them

Your employees want to know what is going on with the company where they work. No one likes to be kept in the dark, especially in the workplace. When a company fails to share information, it leaves employees feeling unimportant and lets them come to their conclusions about things. Your organization should strive to build as much transparency as possible to build trust with its employees. 

Train Them

An employee that feels like their development is invested in is an employee that is going to want to do their job better and be an active member of their work. As an employer, it’s essential to train employees in both the hard and soft skills of their position. Not only will this help shape their perception of their role, but it will also show them that the company values them and stands behind them.